Monday, August 17, 2009

Lucky me

Saturday night one of my girlfriends called me and asked if by any chance I would like to go and see Grease at The Fox Sunday night. A group of girls were going and they had an extra ticket. She also mentioned they had reservations at The Melting Pot for dinner before the show. So I thought a minute: is this a good use of our money, what about hubby and the Bug and then my answer was What the Heck ... let's do it, I am in. I will meet them downtown for dinner and a play. But then, my friend said there was one more little detail... they were going in a Limo. HA! Really?? (one of the girls flew in from Wilmington, N.C. and she is accustom to going out with a driver so she made sure a driver was part of our night.) Very thoughtful.
Then my hubby was also thoughtful and said he would drive me (south a good ways) to meet the limo so I could arrive in style downtown as well. It was a fun night meeting new ladies. We counted up... seven moms, thirteen children between us all (Guess who was the only mom of one for now. Ha Ha)
It was a fun night, part of the fun was because it was a spontaneous invite for me. I will say I had more time to plan for the night then one of the girls. I'll go ahead and tell you that story too.
My friend called another one of my friends "N" first to offer her the extra ticket. but she declined. So then I got the phone call next on Saturday night. But as we were all loading in the Limo someone asked where is "Joann" and they said she is just not going. Do you know of someone else that would want to go and be ready? So we immediately got out the cell phone and called "N". (Her second chance at an extra ticket.) She lived in the subdivision just across the street so it would be no problem to pick her up. Her little girl answered the phone and said mommy is sleeping. We said wake her up... this is worth waking her up for. And we went and picked her up. Less than 10 minute notice and she was on her way to the FOX in a black stretch Limo with us. "

"N" was still wearing her sundress from church and a cute bead necklace so all she had to do was grab purse, add lipstick and she was set. What Fun to share a spontaneous evening with two of my best friends and four other super nice girls.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is my blog

so this is my blog, got a little buzz, unusual for me these days, but let me tell you how much fun it was to see my girl Sara Evans tonight. A blast! I know her songs, I can sing along, I will buy her new CD. She inspires you to have great calves and makes you want to share this night with your best girlfriends. I guess becuase she seems like such a COOL GIRL. I will tell all my girls about it and hope we get to have some girl fun soon. But in the mean time, i am going to enjoy this night, knowing my baby is safe with my parents and I am home with my man.
Did i mention we were front row? Pictues tomorrow ;) Good Night!!!

Date Night

Date night tonight... Hubby, me and this fun girl.
Hope you have a fun night too!