Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring in my step...

So, I have a little spring in my step today. Today is my Friday, I am taking a PTO day tomorrow and I am the only one that has it off. Bug is going to school and My Man is going to work.
I just signed up for a Boot Camp for six Saturdays starting April 18th. My walking class starts on Tuesday.
I just thought to research when the Cotton Pickin Fair is this year.
Cotton Pickin Fair is May 2nd and 3rd.
I always seem to miss it or think of it after it passes.
So I am ahead of the game this year and have it on my calendar.

Do you want to put it on your calendar too?

That is what has me skipping along today. What about you?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Recap

The weekend was wet in Atlanta. It made for a nice Sunday to have tickets to the afternoon basketball game. We were not missing the weather outside by being inside the Arena. Our poor boy was so confussed. He knew we were going to the Hawks game but kept wanting to see Hockey. Hockey and Basketball are played in the same arena in Atlanta. He loves Hockey, loves the Thrashers and loves Thrash, who he calls "Big Bird". It did not take too long after the guys started playing that he was enjoying the basketball game and over not seeing hockey.
Turns out, it was the birthday celebration for the mascots, Harry the Hawk and SkyHawk. So to help them celebrate, other mascots were at the game too. My boy got to see Big Bird (Thrash) after all.
One other funny from the game... I was sure to get a little program from the game for us because Bug likes to look at them over and over again, and ask what is that man doing in all of the pictures... anyway... in the Hawks program the dance team is pictured together, full body shots in two piece outfits. Bug says...."look at their bellies. tickle tickle. Daddy... I tickle their belly." Too funny and daddy was proud!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peactree Road Race

So, there is a new way this year to get your number for the Peachtree Road Race... Registration online beginning at 7:00 AM. So in preparation, I have the alarm set and I have reviewed the sample registration screens. We should be ready to go. Don't forget to log on and get your number. Mail in applications are available in the March 22nd Sunday paper. 10,000 numbers will be mailed out. So this will be an alternative if we don't get numbers tomorrow. "Participating" in the Peachtree Road Race is something my husband has done for years and we began doing it together in 2002, our first summer together. It is really just something fun to do. Anyone can complete the race. People of all ages, shapes and sizes do it. Come on and join in!
Also, tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Atlanta Hawks game. We have not been to a game in years. My little guy has been talking about it for days. It should be a lot of fun. I will let you know.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I am Back...

Not that there are many of you to miss me. You might have even seen me a time or two on Facebook. But I am still around. Even though I have not given you much to stick around for I hope you will check back every now and then. Most importantly, I have been keeping up with you. We are in a new year and it seems everyone is doing okay. Also, I am still a mom of one, no bun in the oven yet. Not sure what to think of that because I know my sweet boy would be such a great big brother. He is growing up so fast.