Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 2010!

I have let the year end without a post about the holidays but let's just get right to it.
2010 has brought some big news and changes for me and our family.
First, I got a new job and started two weeks ago. After 9 years at my old company I have moved on to a new opportunity and a new industry. I would really like to tell you one day all about the cool and unique things I got to experience at my old job, but that will be another random post, (maybe more for my benefit of the memories).

Now, I am working at the Corporate Offices of WAG. Nothing glamorous but super nice people to work with and a good move for my career. This change should work out fine.

But the big news that gets me more more excited each day is that we are having a baby in August. Woohoo! A blog name change will be necessary. :) After along time trying, it finally happened. So A Mom of One for Now I am for about six more months. Everyone is so excited at our house. We are very lucky and God has truly answered our prayers with both pieces of news.
During the first three months I have not felt so hot, so we are all glad to be turning the corner to more energy.

Well it is Friday and I sure hope you enjoy the weekend!