Monday, November 10, 2008

Funny story...

So on Saturday morning, my sweet husband said it is such a beautiful day, we are going to the Moutains tomorrow as a family. So on Sunday, we head up the road and an hour later it is time for lunch so we eat and we begin discussing our next possible options. Let me just skip to the point... we went to OUTLET MALL. No complaints from me. The leaves looked great on our way to the Outlet Malls. I think my husband knew all along where he wanted to go.... shopping.

So I thought Mr. Man (my husband) was going to be all gung ho about being at the Outlets but he was not. And I wanted to look and shop but I felt like I had a ball and chain with me. Now I just have wet my whistle so to speak and want to go back. We did not go into the first store for my little Bug (sweet 2-year boy). That was on purpose because he is so easy to buy for I knew I would splurge. So next time. We had such a successful outlet shopping in Gulf Shores a few months back …yesterday was pretty laid back. Really… we only spent $10 ($3 at Pottery Barn and $7 at Restoration Hardware). not counting the $5 stroller that was a life safer and $1.00 on two silly rides for Bug.

But all that is a little background and more info than you wanted. Here is the real funny part...
… Mr. Man called me this morning from Macy’s. He thought he had hit the jackpot. He found two pairs of pants and several shirts. He literally said “Man this is the time to shop” No kidding! … kids are in school, you are all by yourself, you just got paid, Veterans Day Sales, etc. Good Grief. Wish I could shop with all of those factors. Oh and 10 pounds less would be great too! …. He was calling me for the Credit Card number. You know extra 15% off when you charge. I say again… good grief and what are you doing shopping during the work day! ... With this shopping tactic maybe I should name my guy... Sharpe Dressed Man. He really is.


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

You are MOM OF ONE FOR NOW on the Swap list...


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Oh and Amanda got mixed up...I've made you a 3 way swap with "5 boys and me."

So sorry for the're on her blogs I follow list and that's where the error started.


3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

OK--there was some confusion on the swap with my name getting put under "Mom of One for Now"'s blog. So...CG has us doing a 3 way swap with "5 boys and me"--how about this:
-Amanda(3 Sweet Teas and Me) buys for Mom of One for Now
-Mom of One for Now buys for 5 boys and me
-5 boys and me buys for Amanda (3 Sweet Teas and Me)?
Will that work?