Friday, December 5, 2008

My First Christmas Swap

So my first Christmas Swap was one hosted by ClemsonGirl. It turned out that I was in a three way swap. It worked out great. I shopped and shipped to 5 Boys and Me. Three Sweet Teas and Me shopped and shipped to me. This swap really got me into the Christmas spirit early because on of the rules was too ship by 11/22.

My package to give ended up being a hodge podge of goodies that I had been picking up along the way. I hope 5 Boys and Me likes what I picked out for her.

Now for the thoughtful gift I received... Three Sweet Teas and Me are actually friends from our teenage years in our church youth group. She found for me a fancy towel with the words "May the Lord Bless and Keep You". This is from our closing at each youth meeting. I thought this was such a thoughtful and touching gift from an old friend. Also, she picked out for me great address labels for our Christmas Cards this year. I can't wait to use them. Just wait until you get your card ... you will see them them. Thanks so much Three Sweet Teas and Me!

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L Rukes said...

How fun! So how does it work? Just get a list of people and then order and ship something to them? How fun!