Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Questions

I've been thinking in so many different directions lately and just thought I would reach out and see if any of my blog friends could answer some questions for me or share your thoughts on the subjects... Here goes...

If you are trying to loose weight, should you purchase a scale?

Is Six Flags over Georgia a safe place to take your family and 2 year old son? Do you recommend a visit to the amusement park? (This maybe an option to test what my son thinks of rides and characters before investing in a trip to see Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom.)

Are you familiar with any Sterling Resorts in Destin or Panama City Beach? Can you recommend any? (My company offers a discount to Sterling Resorts.)

Should we remodel (add on) our existing house or purchase a new one? (I know a lot of factors really factor into the question, but again some of my random thoughts these days. )

Do you have any hair products you recommend for curly hair? My curls are just not predictable these days.

Thanks for your help and recommendations. More soon!


3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

I have a scale. I weigh every night and every morning (even when I'm not trying to lose weight). Seems like I would have noticed that I had gained 14+ pounds...but I guess it just kept going up a pound or two at a time. I like the idea of weighing once a week on the same day. Then you really see how much you lost per week.

Girl--I haven't been to 6 Flags in a long time, but last time we were there pre-kids...we saw some stuff. Specifically I remember teen-age girls walking around with shorts unbuttoned showing their bikini botttoms. Ugh! We are planning to take the kids this summer with free student tickets for reading. You should plan a Disney trip right before your son turns 3 b/c kids get in free under age 3. We've been twice and love it! I've got all the tips for you when you're ready for that trip!

Let me know if you get any good hair product tips. My hair has changed over the years...after both pregnancies too. I don't have near the curl I used to have.

As far as a home, I would say think about long-term for school districts. If you live where there are great schools...add on/remodel...if not...take advantage of low prices and move now. I know a good realtor--dad! You'll have to worry about schools sooner than you think!

anna teacher said...

mama used to take us to american adventures when we were little, and we all loved it. i think it is more for smaller kids. not sure where it is or if they are even open anymore but, worth checking out i think! miss you guys!