Monday, May 4, 2009

Party... just right!

We were invited to a sweet little girl's second birthday party on Saturday afternoon. I am happy to say the party was "just right"!

Lately we have been to a few parties that "surprised me". The parties were lacking in organization, preparation, food and effort. I was being to wonder if people really don't care that much to show their guests a nice time. But my faith has been restored, new friends in adult life do know how to throw a get together. As we grow up and meet new people I realize that we may not have all had the same up-bringing i.e. party planning skills and etiquette. Not that I am an expert but I know enough...
We went to one party a while back, a one year old birthday party... there were more choices of beer there than at your local Taco Mac. But no food there fit for a toddler's stomach. Not a kid friendly party but you could have hit on a chick or too at this "pretty party". At another party we were having Hot Dogs. Only hot dogs and buns... no chips, no mustard and no ketchup. Seriously.? Then there was the party where the guests (family members) arrived an hour late and we waited on them! Also, at this party they "might" have been unpacking the groceries when we arrived(15 minutes late). And finally a birthday party with not enough cupcakes for the the party guests. Oh and hot canned Coca Colas.
The party this weekend restored my faith in a good ole home thrown birthday party! The carport was full of party guests and their lawn chairs. The coolers were tucked neatly under the folding tables. The folding tables were covered with cloths, stocked with yummy food... homemade coleslaw, potato salad, chicken fingers, cheese tray, fruit tray, iced tea, kool-aid, balloons, kids playing and running around in the yard. It was a great afternoon in their neighborhood and we were grateful to have been invited to share in their day and celebrate her 2nd birthday!


L Rukes said...

This is hilarious!! I SOOO know what you're talking about!

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Some people "don't know how to do" as my grandmother would say! :)