Monday, July 27, 2009

A Nice Thought

I hope you have enjoyed the month of July. It is almost over.
I wanted to share a nice thought..
Yesterday we had a Baby Shower in honor of the youngest of my generation in the RT Gang. What is the RT Gang? It is the street I grew up on. The Gang is made up of four families that have more in common then you would believe. Just to name one thing... all the families had three kids each. We lived in four houses right in row and growing up, we spent our days running from one house to another. Looking back, it was a blast and something I could only hope for our son to experience.
Anyway so today in the year 2009, we have all graduated from college, all but two are married, new babies are on the way, etc. I could go on and on but it would bore you.
So the baby shower yesterday was held at The Strobles. And G (the mom of the Stroble clan) had been through old pictures recently and had all of the pictures from the RT Gang through the years sitting around for us to review. It was hilarious! Pictures of us as kids at Christmas, in the snow, at birthday parties, weddings, and more recent gatherings as we have grown up and moved away but get back together for occasions(weddings, births, graduations). So as I am looking at the pictures, MeMaw (91 year old grandparent to us all) asked me if I knew who everyone was in the pictures. And my response was "I sure do. I have known them all my life and all of their lives too." How about that! I just found that to be truly AWESOME!
Two more things I found neat about these pictures.... 1)some of the pictures were so old that the Dad-to-Be that we honored yesterday was not even in a few of group shots because he was not born yet (23 years ago). and 2) I saw a picture of my youngest brother when he was maybe 3 and had to point out to my mom how much my son and he resembled.
Family and Friends are great. And I am a Happy Sap for both!!


3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Neat! I never knew about the RT gang! :)

Creative for Life said...

I love posts like this...really sums up what we hold's hard not to take things for granted, so it's always nice to be reminded of what's truly important in life!